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Advanced Center For Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Facility Details

Talos Arctica:

  • 80-200kV tunable, X-FEG beam source
  • Cryo-autoloader sample stage (up to 12 grids)
  • Gatan K2 Summit Direct Detector
  • Double-tilt, dual-axis Cryo-ET
  • Fully automated, high-throughput/high-resolution
  • Very good for single particles and Cryo-ET applications
  • Autofilling of liquid nitrogen and powerful applications SW allows for continuous unattended platform operation and automated data acquisition.


FEI Vitrobot Mark IV

  • User defined setting to allow maximum flexibility.
  • Fully computer controlled (touch screen, embedded PC)
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) controlled


GloQube Glow Discharge System

  • Fully automatic, short process times
  • Hydrophilic/hydrophobic and negative/positive modes
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Automatic valving between chambers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Quick and easy sample loading
  • Controlled venting to prevent sample disturbance


Q15OT ES Carbon coater

  • USB port for upgrades and download of process log files
  • Multiple-user profiles can be set up on one machine
  • New software sorts recipes per user according to recent use
  • New multi-colour LED visual status indicator
  • Capable of achieving vacuum of 5 x 10-5 mbar