Organizers: Somnath Dutta, MBU, IISc
Tanweer Hussain, MRDG, IISc
Aravind Penmatsa, MBU, IISc
Vinothkumar K.R , NCBS


A 3-day practical workshop on cryo-EM sample preparation, automatic data acquisition and data processing for single particle cryo-EM organized by Indian Institute of Science, will be held at Biological Sciences Division from Feb 10 to Feb 12, 2019. The aim of this workshop is to provide hands-on training to interested Ph.D. students/faculties and young scientists about the rapidly evolving technique of single particle cryo-EM. This workshop will mainly focus on theoretical as well as practical aspect of cryo-EM sample preparation and single particle data processing. One of the major targets of this workshop is to educate the applicants about the current state of the art cryo-EM techniques, cryo-EM sample preparation (how we should prepare our bio-sample for cryo-EM and what we should not do), what is realistic and what one should expect from data. There will be also scientific talks from invited speakers. A maximum of 20 participants (15 Academic and 5 industry) will be selected for this workshop. The participants will be selected based on a write up and they have to pay a nominal registration fee of Rs. 2000.00 (including accommodation, lunch and dinner). The workshop will also be open for Industrial participants and registration fee is Rs. 15000.00 (includes lunch and dinner).

Important Dates

• Applications close January 15, 2019. • All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within January 20, 2019. Applicants will be requested to deposit their registration fees immediately to confirm their participation


Introductory Lectures: • An introduction lecture on cryo-EM, & optimization of biological samples. • The step-by-step guide of cryo-EM grid preparation and sample vitrification Image formation and aberrations in cryoEM • Image processing • Model building

Hands-on sessions:

• Glow discharge and Cryo-EM sample vitrification • Cartridges preparation and load cartridges in cassette. • Sample screening and introduction to data acquisition on 200kV Talos Arctica at IISc

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Application process for academic/industry participants

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

a. Applicant should have a proper plan to use cryo-EM as part of their current research. Applicant should submit a 250 words write-up with some preliminary results to justify their requirement of cryo-EM in their current research and how this current course will benefit their research and/or facility. b. For Academic users, a letter of support from PhD/postdoc supervisor


* Georgios Skiniotis, Stanford University
* Paula da Fonseca, LMB, Cambridge
* Ed Morris, ICR, London
* Rafael Leiro Fernandez, CNIO, Madrid
* Dan Minor, UCSF
* Mihnea Bostina, U.Otago, Dunedin

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