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Course description

Welcome to the MB214 course page! This is the page related to the course on "Neuronal Physiology and Plasticity" offered at the Molecular Biophysics Unit of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


Course Details

Code: MB 214

Title: Neuronal Physiology and Plasticity

Credits: 3:0

Instructors: Rishikesh Narayanan

Prerequisites: None

Duration and location: Aug–Dec 2018; MF 11 AM-12:30 PM; MBU seminar hall (Annex building)

First meeting: 8 August 2018, 11 AM, MBU seminar hall (Annex building)

Syllabus: Neuronal and synaptic physiology: exquisite insights from simple systems; history of technical advances: electrophysiology, imaging and computation; history of conceptual advances: excitable membranes, action potentials, ion channels, oscillations, synapses, behavioral neurophysiology; complexities of the mammalian neuron; dendritic structure; dendritic ion channels; active properties of dendrites; dendritic spikes and backpropagating action potentials; heterogeneity, diversity and degeneracy in the nervous system; hippocampus as an ideal system for assessing learning and memory; synaptic plasticity: short-term plasticity, long-term potentiation and depression; mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity; intrinsic plasticity; mechanisms underlying intrinsic plasticity; issues in the credit-assignment problem on mechanisms behind learning and memory.


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