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Integrative Modeling of Macromolecular RNA Structures
DATES OF WORKSHOP : 27-29 August 2018
Registration Closed!

Selected candidates will be informed through e-mail by 20 August 2018.
Selected Candidates list

List of Instructors:

Prof. Samuela Pasquali

Laboratoire de Biochimie Theórique UPR 9080 CNRS,

Université Sorbonne Paris Cite,

13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie,

Paris 75005

Prof. Dhananjay Bhattacharyya

Computational Science Division

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

Kolkata 70006

Dr. Anand Srivastava

Assistant Professor,

Molecular Biophysics Unit,

IISc-Bangalore – 560012

Dr. Mahavir Singh

Assistant Professor,

Molecular Biophysics Unit,

IISc-Bangalore – 560012

Registrations details:

Applications are invited from Masters and Ph.D. students working in the area of computational and structural biology. Undergraduates interested in structural biology may also apply. Outstation participants will be provided boarding and lodging by the Indian Academy of Sciences along with reimbursement of round-trip bus/train (III AC) fare by the shortest route.

* There is no registration fees
* boarding&lodging will be provided for by the academy/Institute
* Travel reimbursement (3rd tier A/C train fare)