Molecular Biophysics Unit

IISc, Bangalore

To all the candidates called for interview in Molecular Biophysics Unit (MBU), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore for consideration of admission to PhD programme in MBU.

Dear Candidates:

Congratulations on being short-listed for interview for admission to the PhD programme at the Molecular Biophysics Unit at IISc. We hope that you have received communication from IISc Academic section regarding the specific date and session (morning/afternoon) of your interview. Thank you for choosing MBU as one of the departments of your choice. Please note that this e-mail pertains only to your interview at MBU.

MBU is conducting interviews during 6-10 (Mon to Fri) July 2020 with 2 slots (9AM and 2PM) every day. Your interview is slated for one of the sessions on 6th or 7th or 8th July 2020. If your interview is slated outside 6-8 July, according to the call letter from IISc, please contact the academic section of IISc immediately from where you got the interview call letter.

During interviews on 6th, 7th and 8th July, every day, we will be short-listing a few candidates for a second round of interview for admission into MBU. The date and time slots for the second interview will be intimated to the short-listed candidates.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE INTERVIEWS ARE CONDUCTED THROUGH MICROSOFT TEAMS SOFTWARE. The details of how to join the interview on the scheduled date and session will be sent to you in a separate mail.

Preparation before the interview:

1. Please go through the web site to get an idea about areas of interest at MBU and on on-going research

2. As far as possible, please attend online interviews using a laptop or desktop with good internet connectivity. The room should be sufficiently lit, such that the committee members can see you clearly. No one else should be present in the room.When you are being interviewed, you should be visible and be heard throughout the period.


3. Please keep the following documents ready, as mentioned in the call letter from IISc, for verification when you appear for interview:

A. An official ID card with your photo (Ideally Aadhar card)

B. PDF files of the certificates pertaining to your academics and mark/grade statements (starting from 10th standard to your qualifying degree).

C. PDF copy of the interview call letter received from IISc

D. Downloaded copy of your online application form to IISc

E. PDF copy of the signed agreement which you are supposed to upload in IISc application portal before 5th July 2020.

Please note that a picture of you attending the interviews will be taken for our records.

4. It is important to keep a writing pad with sufficient white paper and marker pen (black/blue) ready. In case the committee asks you to write/draw something, please write/draw with a thick marker pen on white paper and show it to the committee using the camera in your device.

5. You vouch for the following:

A. There is nobody with you in the room from where you are taking your interview.

B. You are not checking online, book etc in order to answer the questions during the interview

C. You are not video or audio recording the session in any manner.

6. Soon you will get an e-mail from us with the URL for a Teams link. (If you have not received a mail with link by 11AM on 2 July 2020 please reach us immediately by e-mailing to and by phone to 080-22932459. In all future correspondence, it is mandatory that you mention your application number and your name as mentioned in your application form.


Please note the following steps in our interview process:

1. You can use any standard browser to connect to the link or you may use Teams App if you have it running in your system.

2. Please use the link (Microsoft Teams) to join the meeting with office staff 10 minutes before the time (9am or 2pm) on the date mentioned in your interview call letter for MBU interviews. We suggest that you make yourself available for the interview the entire session since there could be last minute changes.


3. We will not accept"anonymous"entry into our interview system. Therefore you must mention your name as entered in your application form to gain entry into the interview process.

4. The URL of the Teams link mentioned above will take you to a "Reporting room". This is not the "Interview room". When you use the link you will arrive in the lobby of the Reporting room and you need to be admitted into the Reporting room by our staff. If there is a problem please call 080-2293 2459.

5. Office staff will speak to you to ensure your identity, functioning of video and sound etc.


7. When you get your turn to enter the interview room, office staff WILL E-MAIL YOU A TEAMS URL LINK. This is the link to enter the interview room. After you confirm to the office staff that you got the e-mail with link to the interview room, you can leave the Reporting room and click the link to enter the interview room.

8. You will first arrive in the lobby of the interview room. Please wait there until you are allowed into the interview room where you will be interviewed.

9. VERY IMPORTANT:- In case you get cut-off in the middle of your interview, once the network is back, PLEASE COME BACK TO THE REPORTING ROOM. DO NOT TRY TO RE-CONNECT WITH THE INTERVIEW ROOM.Office staff will plan to send you back into the interview room.

List of candidates selected for second interview will be displayed in the web site following the link "MBU Admission 2020-21". We will also be sending e-mails to the candidates selected for the second interview.In general, please monitor this web site for updates on the admission matters pertaining to MBU.

For any questions on these points please feel to e-mail at or call 080-22932459 or 080-22932460.

All the best,


Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc