MBU/ADMISSIONS/2019-17th May 2019





All the candidates appearing for interview in Molecular Biophysics Unit for admission to the research programme for the academic year 2019-20 are required to register by signing in the attendance sheet kept in the MBU office against their names by 8.45 a.m. for the forenoon session and 1.45 p.m. for the afternoon session.At the end of the day, a list of short-listed candidates to appear for a second interview at a specified date and time later in the week will be placed on the notice board outside the Chairman's chamber. The short-listed candidates may contact the MBU office and collect a preference form which should be filled in and handed over to the Interview Board when they appear for their second interview.

The short-listed candidates are encouraged to meet MBU faculty and students before or after the interviews.The details of on-going research activities in MBU are available at  The candidates are also encouraged to visit this website which has links to various laboratories in MBU.





P.S.:SC/ST candidates are eligible for TA.Such candidates may collect the form from the MBU office and submit the same along with the original/Xerox copies of tickets.