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Web Tools and Softwares

    PSN-Ensemble-An automated approach to network features of protein structure ensembles.
    PSN-QA-(Network Analysis-based Quality Assessment for Modelled Structures) :This module evaluates protein structures (PDB, modelled or 'decoy') from its network perspective and decides whether the protein structure is native or non-native.

Supplementary Information from relevant publications

    Amino acid interaction preferences in membrane proteins:This section contains information on amino acid interactions in alpha helical membrane proteins and calculates knowledge-based potential energy matrix in the membrane environment.

  • 20 x 20 Interaction Matrix:This table contains 20 x 20 scoring matrix obtained by considering non-covalent interactions among all residue pairs in membrane environment.

  • 60 x 60 Interaction Matrix:This table contains 60 x 60 scoring matrix with interaction scores for amino acid pairs calculated based on the degree (number of contacts of amino acid) within and across environments (I, II and III).

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