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Title of the book Author(s) Code Accession number
Raman Spectroscopy in Biology Principles and appln Anthony T TuMBU KGEN16136276
Rare Gas solids Vol I Klein M L Venables J AMBU E15105169
Rare Gas solids Vol II Klein M L Venables J AMBU E14105116
Readings in molecular biology Gratzer W BMBU D4285893
Reagents for organic synthesis Vol III Feiser and FeiserMBU Y1183844
Recombinant DNA A short course James WatsonMBU D99135393
Recombinant DNA and Bacterial Permentation Jennifer A ThomsonMBU I66142318
Regression Analysis Theory Methods and appln Ashis Sen Muni SrvastavaMBU N7147858
Regular complex polytopes Coxter M EmmerMBU N2130318
Regulation of Enzyme Activity Ottaway J HMBU I53MISSING