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Title of the book Author(s) Code Accession number
Laboratory of methodology in Biochemistry Carlo Fini, Ardesio FloridaMBU D121143977
Laboratory Techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology Allen GMBU G153135041
Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Beelay J BMBU I31130008
Learning to use dbase III Shelly G BMBU C99142510
Lectins: Biology Biochemistry Clinical Biochemistry Bog Hansen BreborowiczMBU D75128840
Lecture notes in chemistry Potential Energy function in conformation analysis Kjeld RasmussenMBU G127128039
Lecture notes in chemistry The consistant force field documentation MBU A32117220
Lecture notes in physics physics in living matter D Baeriswyl M DrozMBU L7135065
Light scattering from polymer solution Huglin E BMBU H777788
Linscott's directory 4th edn MBU Y27132723
Linscott's directory of Immunological and biological Reagent MBU Y28132722
Living states with observations on cancer Szent Gyorgyi AMBU I877794
Logic of commands Rescher NMBU C2379632
Logic of decision and action Rescher NMBU C1574531
Lymphocytes A practical approach Klaus G BMBU I64143513
Lymphokines Hamblin A SMBU I50138513
Lysozymes: Model Enzymes in Biochemistry and Biology Jolles PMBU D143162846