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Title of the book Author(s) Code Accession number
Facts from Figures Moroney M JMBU C43115333
Fields Virology Vol I IIEdn Bernard N FieldsMBU D117144123
Fields Virology Vol II IIEdn Bernard N FieldsMBU D118144124
Fine Structure of Proteins and Nucleic acids Fasman G DMBU G3477907
Flow charting and Fortran IV Edwards PMBU C2892268
Fortran 77 A Stuctured Descipline style Davis and HoffmannMBU C60129906
Foundation of cellular Neurophysiology Daniel JohnstonMBU I98TB-0687
Fourier Transform NMR Techniques Mullen K Pregosin P SMBU KNMR16106060
Fractals John BriggsMBU I85152558
From Nueron to Brain III Edn John G NichollasMBU I1061097
From the Cell to atoms Anthony R RoesMBU I23127541
From the Cell to atoms: An Illustrated Introduction to molecular Biology Anthony R RoesMBU I43136308
Fundamental Algorithms of computer graphics Earnshah R AMBUC 57128199
Fundamentals of interactive computer graphics Foley J DMBU C59129589
Fundamentals of organic and Biochemistry Malm MMBU F27107490