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Title of the book Author(s) Code Accession number
Data base Management A microcomputer Approach Charles W McNicholsMBU C106148748
Data: A collection of problems from many fields for the student and Research worker D F Andrews A M HerzberMBU C56128200
Design and function at the threshold of life Conrat H FMBU I272808
Determination of Crystal structures-Crystalline state vol III Lipson H and Steeple HMBU B2179136
Developments in olieate Research Hertz MBU D61115593
Dielectric properties and molecular behaviour Hill N B MBU F680302
Differential Equations Shepley L RossMBU C52122760
Diffraction from materials Schwartz L H Cohen J BMBU B57103865
Diffraction methods Wormald JMBU B4592275
Diffraction of X ray by chain molecules Vainshjein B KMBU B4389379
Diffractions of X rays by Proteins nucleic acids and viruses Wilson Herbert RMBU B372685
Digital Computer Electronics Albert Paul MilvinoMBU C114152936
Dimensional methods and their application Focken C MMBU C2479635
Distance Geometry and conformational calculations Crippen G MMBU C77134167
Diterpenses of flowering plants F Seaman F BohlmannMBU D114143982
DNA at the core of life itself Lessing LMBU D3576143
DNA Cloning Vol I A practical approach Glover D MMBU I32130582
DNA Cloning Vol II A practical approach Glover D MMBU I33130583
DNA Ligand Interactions from Drugs to Proteins Wilhelm GuschlbauerMBU I57138528
DNA Science A First Course in Recombinant DNA Technology David A Micklos G A FreyerMBU D131152843
DNA Structure and function Richard R SidarMBU B85NO
DNA Structure and Function Richard R SindenMBU D134154854
Dynamic properties of biomolecular assemblies Harding S E Rowe A JMBU G158143984
Dynamics of Biological membranes Houslay M DMBU J34130153