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Title of the book Author(s) Code Accession number
A Dictionary of computers Chandor A Graham JMBU C31102048
A Genetic Swithch Gene Control and phage lambda Mark PtashneMBU D101136957
A Guide to Statistical methods and to the pertinet literature Lothar SachsMBU C86133682
A Hand book of computational chemistry Tim ClarkMBU Y23127464
A Hand book of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Ray FreemanMBU Y30138853
A molecular Biology of the Cell Bruce Alberts etcMBU I37130712
A Practical guide to membrane protein G Von ZogowMBU I113
A Practical Guide to the Unix System Mark G SobellMBU C128 TB-0628
A simplified guide to fortran programming McCracken D DMBU C2992270
A user guide to the unix system Thomas and Jean YatesMBU C101146502
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Erwin KreyszigMBU C123156472
Allosteric enzymes Kinetic behaviour B I KurganarMBU D79130154
Allosteric Regulation in Proteins Max PerutzMBU G157145124
Amino acid analysis Rattenburry J MMBU G156139712
Amino acids peptides and proteins vol 13 MBU G128128776
Amino acids peptides and proteins vol 14 MBU G129128777
Amino acids peptides and proteins Vol 14 Royal Society of chemistryMBU G134129751
An encyclopedia of chemicals and drug The merck Index Windholz MedsMBU Y21116211
An Introduction to Crystallography 4th Edition F C PhillipsMBU B75129596
An Introduction to Practical Biochemistry II David T PlummerMBU D97135731
An Introduction to recombinant DNA Alan E H EmeryMBU D78130151
An Introduction to Wordstar 1985 A NaimanMBU C55126509
Analysis of numerical methods Isaacs E and Keller H BMBU C1274118
Analytical Biochemistry David J HowneMBU D68120078
Annual Review of Immunology William E Paul et alMBU D87130690
Anomalous scattering proc of the Int congress on anomalours scattering electrons Madrid April 1974 RamasehanMBU B4994993
Application of absorption spectroscopy of organic compounds Dyer J RMBU KGEN187235
Application of Electronic Structure Theory Ed Henry P Schaffer Vol IVMBU A28106064
Application of Electronic Structure Theory Ed Henry P Schaffer Vol IVMBU A28106064
Application of Infrared spectroscopy in chemical biol and medicine Parker F SMBU KIR180151
Application of NMR Spectroscopy to problems in Stereochemistry and conformation analysis Yoshito Takeuchi Alan P MarchandMBU KNMR26128782
Applied fortran IV programming Ed 2 Sturgul J. RMBU C38110716
Applied mathematics for Engineers and physicsts Pipes and HaruilsMBU C53122761
Applied Pharmachology Wilson AMBU D4689348
Approximate Molecular Orbital Theory Pople and BeveridgeMBU A272610
Aspects of Biophysics William HughesMBU G131130629
Aspects of Biophysics William HughesMBU G131130629
Aspects of protein biosynthesis Anfinsen Jr C BMBU D2976027
Atlas of molecular structures in biology Richards F MMBU Y485897
Atlas of Protein Side chain interaction Vol I Juswinder SinghMBU G168152399
Atlas of Protein Side chain interaction Vol II Juswinder SinghMBU G169152400
Atlas of protein spectra in the ultraviolet and visible regions Krischenbaum D MMBU KUV276030
Atomic and Molecular Orbital Theory OffenhartzMBU A172305
Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis Mark D Adams C FieldsMBU D135154866
Automatic interpretation and classification of images Grasselli AMBU C2177790