MB208: Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience


Welcome to the MB208 page, related to the course on "Theoretical and computational neuroscience" offered at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore!

The organizational meeting and the first class for the course will be on the 4th of January 2019, 11:00 AM in the CNS First floor lecture hall.


Course Details

Code: MB 208
Title: Theoretical and computational neuroscience
Credits: 3:1
Instructors: Rishikesh Narayanan and S. P. Arun
Duration: Jan–Apr. 2019.

Syllabus: Need for and role of theory and computation in neuroscience; various scales of modeling; ion channel models; single neuron models; network and multiscale models; models of neural plasticity; oscillations in neural systems; central pattern generators; single neuron oscillators; oscillators as nonlinear dynamical systems; information representation; neural encoding and decoding; population codes; hierarchy and organization of sensory systems; receptive field and map modeling; case studies, computational laboratory and projects.

Prerequisites: MB209 (or basic exposure to ion channels and their functions), basic knowledge of linear algebra, probability, statistics and ordinary differential equations, and some programming knowledge.