Jayanta Chatterjee (P.I)

Jayanta completed his studies in chemistry with organic chemistry specialization from University of Pune in 2004. During mid 2004 he moved to the laboratory of Prof. Horst Kessler in TU Munich, Germany and stayed there until mid 2008 working for his PhD while learning about “peptides”. After that he moved to Japan for a short stint and then came back to Germany in late 2009 for his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Maja Köhn at EMBL-Heidelberg. This training resulted in his long-term interest in “peptides as chemical tools” to perturb biological systems.


Hitesh Verma

Hitesh is pursuing his PhD in the lab. His work involves chemical modification of different biologically relevant cyclic peptides to improve their pharmacological properties.

Priyanka Lahiri

Priyanka has joined the lab as a PhD student. Her work involves modulating the enzyme protein phosphatase 1 to bring about biologically relevant effects.

Bhavesh Khatri

Bhavesh is a PhD Student, who is interested in chemically modulating peptides to prevent amyloid fibril formation.

Venkateswara Rao

Venkat is a PhD Student, He has done masters from University of Hyderabad. He is interested in protein structure,folding studies and he is engineering proteins to modulate their biological activity.

Pritha Ghosh

Pritha has done her Bachelors and Masters in Biochemistry from Calcutta University. She has joined this lab as a PhD student. She is designing model peptides to study protein folding.

Somnath Mukherjee

Somnath has joined us as a research associate. He is a synthetic chemist pursuing interesting synthetic transformations relevant to chemical modifications on cyclic peptides.

Rachana Muley

Rachana has joined the lab as a project assistant. She works on modulating PP1 to bring forth biologically important effects

Roshan Xavier

Roshan is an undergraduate student at IISc. He is working on using peptides to modulate PP1.

Past Members

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