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10th January 2023

Dr. Beena Rai

Chief Scientist and Head, Physical Sciences
TCS Research and Innovations

Multiscale Modelling of Skin Layers: Decoding the Transport and Biomechanics

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“Integrative Modelling In Biophysics” Informal Seminar Series (2nd Tuesday evening IST every month) Organized by Anand Srivastava's laboratory at Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc-Bangalore (anand@iisc.ac.in)

This informal talk series will be held once every month with the integrative modeling theme. The primary objective of the series is to proliferate the knowledge of how to integrate information from a wide variety of biophysical experimental methods (that are generally low-resolution and ensemble-averaged) with high-resolution biomolecular simulation approaches with the purpose to provide deeper molecular insights into the biomolecular complexes and processes.
To get an idea about the narrative behind this series, please have a look at the following reviews/perspectives in journals Cell, Science Magazine, and Journal of Molecular Biology, respectively.


Dr.Anand Srivastava
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Email: anand@iisc.ac.in
Phone: 080 22932460

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