Welcome to MBU Alumni 2016

Registration Deadline Extended to 31st Dec 2015

MBU is organizing a meeting of its alumni on the 6, 7 February 2016 (Saturday & Sunday) at IISc. This meeting just precedes the Indian Biophysical Society meeting which will be held in IISc on 8-10 February 2016.

 The two-day meeting of the alumni of MBU will have mostly scientific sessions and possibly some recollections, eat out or even some cricket ! MBU alumni may want to take advantage of the back-to-back meetings and meet your old and new friends ! Needless to say we would love to have you visit MBU again.

 If you are interested in attending MBU alumni meeting please send your expression of interest to mbuam2015@gmail.com In your e-mail please include your name and present contact details and in which period you were in MBU.

We also request you to spread the word around to MBU alumni.

 See you in MBU in February 2016